Did you know that candidates with non-white sounding names have to send 60-80% more applications than those with white sounding names?

If you’re using a resume and cover letter to shortlist, you’re likely to fall prone to 180 biases. This means 180 reasons why you’re at risk of shortlisting, and hiring the wrong people. In our webinar led by Bradley, Head of Sales at Applied, we’ll discuss a tried and tested approach to bias-free shortlisting that’s proven to increase retention, interview-to-offer rates, and save up to 66% of time spent on recruiting.

In Applied’s webinar on ‘how to shortlist without bias’, we’ll cover:

• Where bias exists in most traditional shortlisting decisions

• What predictive assessment is and the benefits

• 3 practical steps to designing a skills-based hiring process

• How to remove the opportunity for bias

• What are work samples and how to build them